The above photograph was published on twitter recently and described as a historic moment with former Hampshire chiefs and deputies all together.

It is also historic in another way. All of the senior officers in the photograph have been involved in some way in my case apart from Chief constable Olivia Pinkney who has only recently been informed of the case.

The conduct of the above officers ranged from personally threatening me at my home address to covering up for their successors and acquiescing in corrupt practices utilising the Professional standards department “PSD”.

Some of the above Chief Constables also fobbed off representations made by concerned MPs.

The only one in the photo to have had minimal involvement at this stage is the new chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and only time will tell whether she will do the right thing or perpetuate the existing culture of abuse of power.

 Whilst there are ongoing legal proceedings, limited information will be provided which do not form part of any current claim against Hampshire Constabulary.

At the end of this page there is a feedback form, if any police officer or member of the public has information which may be relevant to the matters raised, we would be pleased to hear from you.

This blog is a factual account of how the police service can abuse their power and unlimited resources to silence and crush an individual police whistleblower.

The story will take you through several years of continual harassment and an uphill struggle by a litigant in person who became ill during the process.

Examples will be given of how police federation assistance can be influenced by senior officers to leave officers unrepresented and having to negotiate an unforgiving legal minefield alone.

In addition to the foremost public interest element of this blog, advice and support will be available for officers who may be going through a similar situation or contemplating blowing the whistle so that an informed decision can be made.

All information provided is backed up by documentary and witness evidence, some of which has been in the public domain but not generally publicised.

Whilst there have always been whistleblowers in large organisations and recently much publicity concerning the NHS in this regard, there is generally little information concerning what happens in police forces and why there is a reluctance for police officers to step forward and do the ‘right thing’.

The vast majority of police officers will never have an understanding of some of the darker sides of the police service and to some extent that it is a good thing as the police service needs to recruit and retain good officers in these challenging times.

It should not be forgotten that when whistleblowers are victimised the impact on that individuals family and friends is considerable.

This account will also highlight the victimisation of a whistleblower’s wife and police federation representatives to apply pressure on the officer in an attempt to silence him and prevent him pursuing his allegations of corruption.

When this failed, the police resorted to methods which could be considered as courses of conduct designed to push the officer to take his own life and also resulting in a miscarriage of justice.

Individuals within the force including both police officers and police civilian staff have never been brought to account.

In a written statement to an employment tribunal; a Detective Chief Inspector stated “Without fear of favour, I assure the Tribunal this officer, and others who have suffered at the hands of Hampshire Constabulary, has been treated so unfairly, I am amazed he is still alive. This may sound dramatic, I know, but I hope to assist by showing a pattern of continuous bullying, intimidation and threats by senior officers of the force.”

In this case, there are also many other good officers of varying ranks who attempted to do the ‘right thing’ and were heavily victimised.

Examples of the extreme abuse of power by senior police officers will be highlighted as will the subsequent failures by the IPCC and apects of the judicial system.

These factors together with the lack of protection of police whistleblowers ultimately serve as a deterrent to police officers and to prevent them from coming forward to report wrongdoing. In short, there is nowhere for officers to turn without risking their livelihoods.

What is not generally known by the public is that police forces and the IPCC encourage corruption by their interpretation of the Police Reform Act 2002 which refers to a complaint only being able to be made by a “member of the public” and not a police officer.

The IPCC and police forces use this as an excuse not to investigate corrupt police officers despite receiving reliable information and evidence from serving police officers.

The standard response to police officers and police staff making such disclosures to the IPCC receive a standard response that under the Police Reform Act 2002 a police officer or a member of police staff is not considered to be a member of the public and as such unable to make a complaint and is also unable to apeal.

The interpretation of who is a member of the public is something that could be judically reviewed at some stage, if anyone has any additional information in this regard please let me know, my view is that a police officer has to be a citizen first to join the police and as such must also be a member of the public.

Ironically, although the IPCC is a designated authority for police officers being able to report wrongdoing, an officer has no right of appeal if no action is taken concerning their disclosure.

An officer is placed in a difficult position where if he or she does does not agree to the disclosure being forwarded back to the police force in question and sometimes the very same department or person complained of, no action is taken.

In practice, once permission has been given the IPCC will often forward the the allegations of corruption/wrongdoing back to the police force which inevetably is dealt with by the Professional Standards Department “PSD” who; are often themselves subject of the complaints.

I believe that a major contributing factor to a reduction in trust and confidence in the police can be levelled at internal investigation departmenst in police forces, in county police forces they are known as Professional Standards Departments and in the Metropolitan Police known as the Directorate of Professional Standards “DPS”.

These departments are virtually unnacountable, complaints now matter how serious concerning their conduct even if proved often result in the lowest form of police diciplinary sanction known as ‘management advice”.

Whilst there are many initiatives and public encouragement for whistleblowers to come forward, the reality is that behind the scenes whistleblowers are not welcomed, often treated as the enemy, police officers fitting up and mistreating colleagues is not of particular interest to the general public.

This account is different because the wrongdoing was initially towards members of the public, vulnerable persons and children.

The author having attempted to help and support the public and victims of crime was subsequently targeted at the highest levels when he challenged the corrupt practices of Hampshire Constabulary.

There is currently little evidence that the relatively new Police and Crime Commissioners who frequently use the same staff and structure as the previous police authorities, are prepared to challenge wrongdoing by Chief officers.

This account will also highlight examples of a lack of independence and collusion to protect senior police officers whilst silencing whistleblowers.

The Police Federation, despite their huge wealth appear reluctant to support police whistleblowers. They frequently fail to provide legal assistance or indeed challenge the behaviour of senior officers which can include intimidation of their own local police federation representatives.

Even now, having passed details to Hampshire Polioce Federation of bullying and intimidation of a police federation representative, there has been a reluctance to take positive action against a senior officer and upset the status quo.

The result is that police whistleblowers are left out on a limb either having to represent themselves or being compelled to withdraw their cases due to ill health, the resultant financial burden or a combination of both.

Whilst writing this, a long serving police constable has since resigned from the force following bullying and a lack of mental health support. The culture does not appear to have changed over the past 10 years.

Prior to making a decision  to publish this disturbing account, I will be giving Hampshire Constabulary a further opportunity to resolve our issues and for the force and the PCC to do the right thing.

Corrupt practices, poor and negligent service to the public and worryingly, especially in the current climate, serious allegations involving police corruption and child abuse are matters that I will be pursuing with Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Simon Hayes the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Interestingly, since the publication of this Blog, Simon Hayes the Police and Crime Commisioner for Hampshire on 9 Deptember 2014 gave a message to delegates at the annual Local Safeguarding Children Boards conference on the Isle of Wight.

Mr Hayes said: “Protecting children and the most vulnerable members of our society goes to the heart of policing responsibilities.  Because of this I’ve requested the Chief Constable to undertake an in-depth review into the historic situation across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from 1997 to 2013.  This will involve Children’s Social Services Departments from the four top tier Councils in the Constabulary area: Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

Whether this move was as a result of  my allegations at an Employment Tribunal  or similar concerns being raised in the press Nationally, this is a welcome move and I will continue to seek for Mr Hayes to put into practice his public statements by intitiating a criminal investigation against Senior officers who acquiesced in corruption concerning a Paedophilia investigation on the Isle of Wight.

Many years ago following the death of Stephen Lawrence and the McPherson report, the term ‘institutional racism’ was applied specifically to the Metropolitan Police and by implication to other British police forces.

This account will go a step further in that it highlights ‘institutional corruption’ striking at the heart of Hampshire Constabulary’s Professional Standards Departments “PSD”).

Hampshire Constabulary in common with some other forces will be seen to have not learned from past mistakes; including dealing with Hate crime and domestic abuse.

Over the years many PSD’s have become unaccountable acting unethically and often illegally, believing their behaviour is an acceptable form of ‘noble cause corruption’.

PSD’s and the Met’s Department of Professional Standards “DPS” must be beyond reproach in their dealings with colleagues and the public when investigating alleged misconduct.

In some cases it has been their own conduct that is believed to be a contributing factor to police suicide and ultimately, this blog is being published in the public interest.

Whilst in the present climate there is criticism of the lack of action by police, this blog aims to raise awareness of the general public to the fact that there are good officers who go the extra mile for victims of crime and how they are often treated by their own forces when they have had the courage and moral fibre to report or challenge wrongdoing.

Compelling examples will be highlighted in Hampshire Constabulary where officers will be seen to have been rewarded for not challenging and aquiescing in wrongdoing whether it be manipulating crime figures to much more serious matters.

As mentioned at the start of this page, no further details will be published whilst there are ongoing legal proceedings or complaints against specific individuals.



51 thoughts on “GOOD COP DOWN

  1. I think what needs to be made very clear is that the iPCC always refers complaints to the local police’s Professional Standards Department. In a complaint I made against Sussex Police, an iPCC investigator actually told me that the complaint was a matter for the iPCC to investigate and should have been referred back to them but Sussex Police failed to do so; in a recent complaint I made against the Head of Sussex Police’s Professional Standards Department, Supt Lisa Bell, the person who immediately dealt with and dismissed that complaint was one of her junior staff; I appealed, and the Appeal – into whether the complaint will be investigated, will be decided upon by… yup! you’ve guessed it, Supt Lisa Bell. As for ‘good coppers’ in the course of the last 7 months when I’ve had the misfortune to come up against the police force due to my mother having been killed on a road in Sussex and the police not carrying out a proper investigation (listen to for more) I became, as a bereaved next of kin, subject to covert dossiers, secret meetings and a fraudulent mental health report submitted by Sussex Police to the Metropolitan Police, requesting that I be placed on the Met’s Merlin database (the one kept exclusively for adults at risk of which I am not one); the level of maliciousness has been intense – and I even discovered a member of the College of Policing was in on it. During this time I met two decent coppers, one from the Metropolitan Police – who has totally supported me throughout but would never dare speak up against his colleagues – another a member of ACPO who tried, early on, to resolve matters but Sussex Police were more interesting in assailing me. The Met Officer told me that internal politics has become so bad he is taking early retirement for his own conscience, so he doesn’t have to go along with their corruption. How can the police get away with it? Because the iPCC is an ineffectual body that has to rely on individual police forces to play fair – whilst PCCs are just doll-like figure heads with brains to match. As for Policing Guidelines – all those procedures written by ACPO which offer ‘good practice’ – local forces are permitted – by law – to simply ignore them, as they did in my mother’s case. Justice? I no longer believe there is such a thing.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Yes, you are right that the IPCC seems to refer matters back for local investigation when the facts suggest that this should perhaps not happen.
    The IPCC do have the following options:

    When the IPCC determines a matter should be investigated, having taken into account the seriousness of the case and the public interest, the IPCC must determine the mode of investigation.

    The mode of investigation may be:
    • local investigation;
    • supervised investigation;
    • managed investigation; or
    • independent investigation.

    The IPCC can, at any time, re-determine the mode of investigation. Paragraph 15, Schedule 3, Police Reform Act 2002

    In practice, the new Statutory Guidance has removed an avenue of appeal back to the IPCC when a decision has been made that the ‘Appropriate Authority’ is the Chief Constable.

    The letters I have seen from the IPCC recently where members of the public have complained directly to the IPCC usually state that there are “no exceptional circumstances” and as such the matter is referred back to the police force to deal with as a local investigation.

    In a one case I am investigtaing as part of my day job, this has happened despite allegations being made of misconduct in public office, a relevant custody video allegedly having been deleted and the complaint also concerning the head of the Professional standards Department.

    It seems that that an ordinary member of the public is treated differently from a case which may appear high profile and news worthy where the IPCC decide to become involved to increase the public profile of the IPCC.

    1. Complaining against a senior officer in PSD is like signing your own death warrant, as I found out. I made a minor complaint about PSD Deputy Commander in HantsPol. She then decided to investigate me and told me she would continue until she found a way to get rid of me. I have heard of other similar cases. It seems that PSD have a blank card to do what the heck they like.

  3. Thames Valley and Devon and Cornwall appear to be prevented from investigating

    Google “Len Lawrence Official Solicitor”

  4. Metropolitan Police Service DPS – PS Gibbs – refused to meet with me to see my evidence re my complaint Lewisham police had refused to deal with 60+ incidents of ASB/harassment, had colluded with Lewisham Council to lie about evidence, and had maliciously arrested/prosecuted me.

    This was against IPCC Statutory Guidelines but IPCC refused to uphold my Appeal, their letter contained entirely false information about me and the situation re CCTV evidence and neighbours also reporting incidents.

    I then found out Lewisham Police had maliciously referred me to MH services claiming I was “mentally ill” and “suffering delusions” incidents were happening, I made a complaint but, despite knowing I wanted to present my evidence, the investigator – this time Inspector Brighouse of Lewisham Police – made no contact with me at all before completing his ‘investigation’.

    This was against IPCC Statutory Guidelines but IPCC refused to uphold my Appeal, their letter conradicted what Inspector Brighouse had claimed in his Outcome letter.

    The situation continued so I was forced to make a third complaint, this time my complaint was upheld in part – the service I had received did not meet the minimum standards required – but the investigator – AI Chalmers of Lewisham Police – failed to identify any wrongdoing by officers even though I had proven eg false information had been entered onto police computer.

    The IPCC are currently considering my Appeal re this complaint.

    The experience of the Metropolitan Police Service complaints system has, totally unnecessarily, immensely added to my distress and frustration, it seems the only way to get a complaint properly investigated is to die of stress-induced heart attack or stroke, get kicked to dealth or commit suicide. It really should NOT be this way.

  5. Hi. I have been off sick with depression and PTSD after being bullied by my Sergeant for over 15 months.
    I have served Almost 18 years and normally very resilient.
    It has recked my career, marriage and a massive decline in my mental health.
    I am not a sick note, however the job is gunning for me and I don’t know why, other than identifying a bully.

    1. Aubry, identifying a bully or indeed any other wrongdoing within the organisation is all it takes to become a target for victimisation. I went through something similar in Hants. The PSD and colleagues who don’t like you will also put rumours out about alleged wrongdoing by you and claim that evidence exists to support it. Unfortunately, people will believe it. I suggest you get in touch with the Independent Police Support Group. They help officers and staff in your situation and are more effective than the Federation.

  6. For nearly two years the Hants PSD and IPCC have been playing a merry game of badminton with my complaint, will they ever deal with it? Well, as far as they are concerned, why should they?

  7. Bad policing, lost evidence and lack of interest, stonewalling, ignoring is pretty much what we have got from Hants Constsbulary since the day our son disappeared off the face off the earth. We tried IPCC asking for an independent reviewand it was referred back to Hampshire to investigate themselves. Guess what, we are still fighting for justice for our son who was only 16. The police got his age wrong and told us he was 19 and old enough to leave. They told us we were wasting police time. They lost evidence. They said we were hysterical mothers. They did nothing but pussy foot around for 14 years. Then in a show of bravado arrested 8 people they knew they had nothing on and said it was to flush out the culprits. They don’t care. I just wrote before Christmas to Andy marsh asking for an independent review which is what I asked for the first time and did I never got any reply!

    1. I am sorry to hear that. I will raise this with the force again by letter with regards to the failure to respond to respond to you.

      I know there are many people concerned about this case.

      Best wishes


    2. It’s not unheard of for Hampshire police to lose evidence if it’s not in their interest to keep it. I was at a case where a senior detective was telling the court about an important piece of evidence that’s so important he keeps it locked in a safe. When the Court asked for it, he said it had gone missing!

  8. Arresting people is good for stats, whether the arrests are necessary or even lawful. That’s what I noticed when I was in Hampshire Constabulary.

  9. Aubry, sorry to hear you have been forced to make the same decision I had to make a decade ago. In HantsPol, I too witnessed victimisation and bullying, as well as sexism against female officers. I made the mistake of trying to address it. So, it seems that nothing has changed since I left. Maybe we should start a Survivors group.

  10. My name is Aubry and I was brought up in a council estate in Southampton by my single mum. Life was tough in the seventies and my biological dad left us both at the age of three in London.
    My mum was on benefits and we often got our gas, telephone bill cut off due to poverty.
    However i wasn’t the most academic person or intelligent and had a very low self esteem.
    Anyway I passed my tests and exams and interview and joined the police force, most of which was good and fun. I also like this website as it has a good morale compass.!!!!!!!!
    I then got severly bullied and I am in the process of taking Hamps hire Constabulary to court.
    What got me through this process was his website about what is a bully and why do they do it.
    Believe you me I am six foot tall and ex doorman/bodybuilder.
    If I was on a building site with this vertically challenged man, I would of sorted it.
    Hey serg, you bully me again and I will knock you out.
    I can’t do it. Why because I would loose my job and he knew it.
    Well done Hampshire for moving the bully and not dealing with the problem.
    I hate to say it JS. History repeating it’s self.

    1. It’s amazing to read so many articles here re bullying and intimidation. As a serving police officer in Hertfordshire, I was bullied for nearly 2 years by an inspector who took a dislike to me after he moved to the department. Despite having made a complaint, he was totally vindicated without a witness ever being interviewed by the delegated Ch Insp who was tasked with the investigation. It was so bad, I often thought of suicide as a means of escape and I am presently off work with depression and suffering PTSD. Having read all of these articles, it leaves me with little to no doubt that there is both pandemic bullying and corruption within the organisation as a whole. Sadly, the continence of these practices only serve to fuel the belief that the police are simply a law unto themselves and answerable to no-one.

  11. I have done a lot of soul searching the last two years.
    When a police force employs ex service men and women then the bullying mentality will start.
    Not all ex. Services are bullies.
    However good managers manage, bad managers BULLY.

  12. I am going to nail my colours to the mast. When corruption starts its about greed, power and money.

    Boys in blue.

    Blue on blue now. Police forces are top heavy in freemasonry.

    Especially Inspector ranks and above.

    Jobs for the boys.

    Back in the seventies it was called “A FIRM IN A FIRM” The firm were the police, CID. The Firm in a firm were Freemasons in the police. There are lodges under police stations in the Mets. Those old enough will remember them getting arrested.

    I have researched the Tinternet very closely.

    Jimmy SAVILLE is a confirmed Freemason (He got protected by the police)

    Jimmy SAVILLE was wearing compass and set square gold ring (Masonic symbol)

    He over looked Frank BRUNO giving Peter Sutcliffe a Masonic handshake at Broadmoor hospital. (Photo on Internet)

    On u tube Freemasons in their aprons following Jimmy savilles coffin at his funeral.

    Elm guest house in London. Please look and see for yourself.

    Sun, sea and Satan by Bill Malony about the children’s home in the Channel Islands.

    Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville visiting the Royal family!!!!

    When this site talks about child abuse then just see how far this rabbit hole goes!

    Next time you watch MTV look at Pyramids. Devil horns, 666 being flashed up by Jay Z etc, etc,

    Also look at Boheimian Grove. Skull and cross bones is another tentacle to freemasonry.

    How to spot a Freemason? They are arrogant just like Jimmy SAVILLE.

    Please look at Bent coppers and They certainly got Hampshire Police right as I was in the Force when these coppers were either being arrested, convicted, etc. Keep up the good work. And yes I was a copper for just under 18 years.

    By the way freemasonry is all about devil worship and swearing in oathes at every degree. All in the name of lucifer.

    I swore three oathes in my life time. One when I got married. Another one when I joined Hampshire Police force and whenever I gave evidence, either at Magistrates court or Crown court.

    Charles Taze RUSSELL founder of J.H, but sells his soul to the devil. Money making scheme………
    His coffin displays a pyramid……….

    Mormans. Ummmmmmm. Please see for yourselves.

    Guess what, the founder of Scientology, another control freak, money making scheme to ply more money into freemasonry.

    The lodges are held once a month in the evening, the rest of the time left empty!!!!!!!

    The next time a Freemason says to me “we raise a lot of money for charity”

    Reply” so did Jimmy Saville and you only pay into your own charity. The charity of freemasonry”

    The KKK are another tentacle in Freemasonry, why… Because it promotes evil.

    It’s all about NWO. One Government, one currency, total mass control.

    Look at the one dollar bill and the Rothchilds.

    Jimmy Saville who went to Leeds hospital mortuary is not a conspiracy theory, it was his sexual preference all covered up by high ranking police freemasonry.

    Please all serving police officers please declare your freemasonry, as you are all wonderful and should be singing from the roof tops about what good work you all do. NOT!

    The council s have a register.

    The police should be open and transparent, just as I was on my Facebook!!!! Hence my resignation after being served papers for Gross misconduct.

    Now it’s time you do!!!!!

    1. RJD

      There are many of us police officers who have been made to suffer for pointing out wrongdoing by the police. There was a File On Four (Radio4) programme about it last month, focussing on Greater Manchester Police.

      I’m sure you will have plenty of contributors for your book. The owner of this blog has my contact details, so I will speak to him.

      Just a reminder, this blog is public thus police can also see what is on here and use it to persecute people further.


      1. Yes, quite right, sometimes get upset if I don’t publish their comments but it is for their own best interests and also my own.

        This site will be monitored by Hampshire police and other officers who have had similar experiences will know that every aspect of their lives is intrusively monitored.

        The usual rules do not apply quite simply because there is no accountability and this is even more so for police officers as we do not have a right of appeal to the IPCC as we are not considered “members of the public”

  13. Hi to everyone looking into this website.
    This maybe my final swan song and yes it will be monitored for sure.
    I cannot discuss names at this point however I can exercise my freedom of speech.
    I am in a win win situation now.
    If I loose I will goto the press and have one lined up as we speak.
    If I win I will get a gagging cause put in and cannot discuss my case anymore.
    Tribunial in May 2016.
    However please get hold of me on face book and befriend me if you need anymore information.

    I so respect what you have done in this website and stay strong. I will be there for you if you need me too.
    I was so niave in the force until now and what a eye opener.
    So I will make the full use of Facebook as no gagging clauses issued and educate the public further as I am not a Police Officer any longer. Thank God.

    They cannot control me anymore and the gloves are off.

    1. I wish you the best of luck. I am not a fan of gagging clauses, as it means that the organisation has no incentive to improve and can hide wrongdoing. In any case, I will try to follow your case.

      1. The Fed don’t exist in my current ET case as it seems to be a thorn in their side.
        I was told that it was a conflict of interest on their part despite my being the paid up member.
        They didn’t make it clear if the conflict of interests in question stemmed from them forwarding on my emails to the Fed straight to Supervision without my knowledge or consent.
        Or if was because most of my evidence stems from Subject Access provisions after the Fed tried to talk me into believing that, as a serving Officer, the Job was under no obligation to respond to any Subject Access Requests (utter rubbish by the way).
        Or if it because my own Fed Rep repeatedly called me the “Force nutter”, “mad” etc etc on an almost daily basis after the Job detained me under the MHA but then denied actually doing it and still denies having done it.
        Hmmm…..maybe there’s the slight chance that the Fed are as dodgy as the Job.

      2. Mark,

        Contact @PoliceSupportUK on twitter and provide contact details so they can get in touch, they may be able to help you.

        Kind regards


    2. Jeez, im in the process of losing just abut everything as a serving officer. Im unable to share my story at present, but search the net day after day looking for similar people. I will fight till they take me down and I have nothing left to fight for.

  14. Great comments and Deffo my experience. I left last year and am glad I did…but disillusioned with those in authority as I believe those in power are corrupt.

  15. Aubry
    I have been following your story
    I reported to PSD in 2010 the mistake in her statement, she placed me in two separate locations on the same day at the same time 6 miles apart, thinking PSD would correct this injustice, no instead as you say they are “gunning” for you and my accuser can get protection from PSD and the injustice she has caused
    With the confessions/disclosure I read on this site I can believe PSD cant be trusted
    I read yesterday of a female who lied accusing the male of rape, the difference with the police in this County
    they prosecuted her and was jailed, but in my case Hampshire Police/PSD choice to cover up because the parents friend was a well known PC and he too protected them when he was a serving cop
    I hope helps you and this explains before you go to ET, if I can be more help please make contact

  16. I find the information form Carlo and Pete very intriguing as a member of public
    I applied for my Subject Information in 2010 and uncovered the lies by my accuser that were overlooked in September 2007 by the arresting PC
    In April 2007 I upheld my Right to file a compliant involving the well known community Pc after he failed me from 1992 when my neighbour assaulted me, despite having 2 witness the Pc refused to do anything and for the next 16 years everytime my wife or I called for police support the response was predictable “the Inspector said” even with BT confirming in writing involving nuisance/abusive phonecalls NOTHING was ever done, following my complaint the Pc “retired” in January 2008
    with a home visit from the head of PSD in 2012, the DCI disclosed there were serval complaints involving the community Pc on his Discipline file and the matter of my neighbour assaulting me and another matter were out of time to record as a crime??? the evidence was recorded on Police Working Sheets though
    and on working sheets Data Dept; provided me with the personal details of my accuser after being “accused” of TTK, LIE,
    I have now concluded that making a complaint against the community Pc in April 2007 sealed me fate, made a “black mark” for me and my wife future, hasten to add my arrest in September for TTK
    In 2014 with a written response from Chief Insp confirming my complaints were Not Upheld and the Pc remained in continued employment, but I understand the Pc had been on sick leave for 2 years
    The benefit of this web site is very supportive/ impartial and transparent not like PSD

  17. RJD
    I have noted your comments here on this web page and that of Jack’s which in my case is true and correct that any complaint made against any serving officer regardless of position or Rank renders you liable becoming a victim of PSD the very Department that is at the heart of the organisation which is there to handle complaints but the punishment is in return either seeking retribution, harassment via Pc’s or in my case prosecution whist remaining in the back ground “pulling the strings” acting innocent
    RJD if you too want to hear of my experience the office of this web page has my contact details to make contact

  18. Carlos
    you make a good point, when I was arrested I declared a conflict of Interest, the Tyro Pc was unaware of the COI so he deemed me “Mad” and needed an Appropriate Adult to sit in on Interview
    This seems to be a common theme describing officers or the public as Mad, this is the second Insult that I have been labelled with by Hants Tyro’s

  19. There was a BBC Radio 4 documentary (I thinkbit was FileOnFour) a couple of months ago about GMP PSD targetting a Chf Insp when he complained about the conduct of PSD. I think we all can guess what happened to the Chf Insp, as most of us have experienced it. There is a podcast on the BBC website. Def worth a listen.

  20. Ive been bullied since 2012
    I settled at legal mediation in 2014 as I wanted to keep my career however the treatment got worse
    Ive just gone through a full ET which was horrific
    The respondants barrister was. Allowed to attack my mental health and disability to her advantage and the judge was against me and Pri establishment from the very beginning
    Even during the ET the respondants told different and false accounts
    Their barrister was constantly interrupting and taking them to documents to which they changed their evidence and these documents they wasn’t even privi to
    On one occassion their barrister pulled and aggressive face towards a witness who then immediatley changed his evidence

    The judgment is in the majority wrong in facts and a completely different version to what actually happened in live evidence
    Some examples are : ️️no medical evidence – which is untrue ️as there is cmo, specialists reports, private specialist and gp reports all confirming that my work had exabirrated my mental health and that it was clear they ignored medical advise by their own Cmo
    Also another point the judge recorded that 4 periods of sickness that led to Upp were not diasability related which is untrue and even the respondants admitted in live evidence and is clear on factual evidence that 3 of the periods were disability related
    The judgement even commented on how it was my fault and I was childish – this is wrong as to say having panic attacks by those that bullied and victimised me which effected my mental health is wrong
    There is so much wrong with the judgment
    In the actual ET the judge was so clearly biased towards both me and my barrister
    The judge also gave the respondant ️extra time to cross examin myself however cut down my barristers time cross examining them by 2 1:2 days and this time was simply cut off and not used and the ET finished this amount of days earlier (also the ET was unavailable for one day so infact we lost 3 1:2 days)
    My barrister was unable to continue cross examining 3 vital witnesses because of this and was unable to do so on crucial complaints
    Also he prevented her from finishin her submissions and she requested 5 minutes to finish and he refused
    However he then turned to the respondant and asked if she had anything further

    Currently looking at appealing just can’t believe the injustice
    Even the CMO and my gp who ive seen post judgment are in their words flabbergasted !

    The judgment was wrote and sent out on 27th may
    I got a letter via email dated 27th may saying I had ️️now failed stage 2 UPP (even though still awaiting a RA since may 2015 and the fact stage 2 upp actually ended nov 2015)
    Then a week later they turned up at my home to hand deliver this same document that was emailed
    All medical evidnece says that this boroughs contact has made me more ill etc incl the jan 16 cmo saying all contact with them is causing a constant increase in anxiety (part of my mental health disability )

    Im ️️now faced with what to do

    The judgment is so wrong in all terms and is not even a true account of what happened

    One medical report from a private specialist even details how their treatment towards me caused me to develope further medical symptoms that ive been left with

  21. Sam, you are not alone, many have gone through this situation and I am one of them.

    If you go to @PolicesupportUK or send a message via the contact page of they may be able to help you. Best wishes Julian

  22. Ive messages IPSG and hoping for a reply

    Not sure if you know the answer to this ? I can resume to work from 18-6-16 ️️as CMO (9-6-16) has done this with restrictions eyc
    But ️️now work are saying that they still Havnt had the report from the cmo (im sure IT goes straight onto the system and ive also emailed this) and that they have nothing for me ️as yet (even though in court they said that they do)
    Where do I stand? As im on ️no pay and ️don’t see how thas right from the 18-6-16 to not be ️️paid if im ️Ok to return ?

    1. This does happen, In my own case I was on no pay for a very long time and half pay, altogether for around two and a half years.

      During this process when I had been able to return to work this was delayed to cause additional stress and anxiety with various excuses of not being able to find a position for me and having to go through a vetting process again.

      My advice which is likely to be the same as the IPSG is that in the first instance if you have a federation representative ask them to act quickly and knock on a few doors as the longer this goes on the harder it will be for you to return and your health will deteriorate.

      Ask your Fed Rep or contact the police Federation HQ to obtain answers to your questions as they are best placed dealing with these matters on a regular basis.

      you could also ask your rep to submit an application for legal advice.

  23. So for a judgment to go against you (even though there is medical evidnwce etc)
    Will I face costs against me ️as I haw no money at all due to being on ️no pay etc
    ️As work have ️️now said i shpild just resign to avoid having a cost ordwr made against me for taking them to an ET
    Sounds unfair ️as ive not been told this by my soliciotrs (federation ones took the ET) and the case is true and did happen hence medical backing😦

    1. This is a tactic used to intimidate you and force you into resigning, the fact that you lost in an ET is different from a civil case and it is rare for costs to be awarded as each side is usually responsible for their own costs.

      Under paragraph 40 of the Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure, a tribunal can make a costs order where:

      the paying party has in bringing the proceedings, or he or his representative has in conducting the proceedings, acted vexatiously, abusively, disruptively or otherwise unreasonably, or the bringing or conducting of the proceedings by the paying party has been misconceived

      In other words, you may be made to pay costs if (a) your claim is so weak that you should never have brought it at all; or (b) you’ve brought it for improper purposes – e.g. just to harass your employer; or (c) even if your case is strong, you’ve behaved really badly in the way in which you have conducted it.

      If the Federation funded your case it is very unlikely that they would have proceeded if that was the case so I would not worry.

      When was the date that you appear to have been given an alternative of resigning or the force applying for costs?

      1. Judgement was 27-5-16
        I received this last week

        Seems a bit wrong when it’s the truth and all medical backing eyc and it’s not my fault the judge was so biased and the judgment didn’t reflect the hearing at all😦

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