The Story


This is a factual account of corruption, abuse of power and the malicious conduct of Hampshire Constabulary to silence whistle blowers.

The treatment I experienced was as a direct result of trying to help members of the public and victims of crime.

Prior to transferring to Hampshire police, I was a long serving experienced Detective Sergeant with a number of commendations from my service in the Metropolitan Police and subsequently also received the long service and good conduct medal.

As a result of my disclosures to the HMIC, Professional Standards in Hampshire were inspected and 12 recommendations were made.

The Chief Constable at that time Paul Kernaghan displayed arrogance trying to defend the indefensible and he subsequently made sure that I was dismissed from the force.

As a result of the failure of the HMIC to protect myself and a colleague I sent my police long service medal back to the Chief HMI at the time who was Sir Ronnie Flanagan.

The HMIC recommendations were not welcomed by Mr Kernaghan and to some extent was corroborated when a baseline assessment of all was carried out by the HMIC of the PSDs of all 43 police forces, Hampshire Constabulary was one of only 2 forces to receive a “Poor” grading.

Having supported officers in other police forces over the years; the conduct identified appears to be a standard response to silence and discredit such officers.

The level of misconduct and criminal acts could roughly be arranged by the degree of defensiveness to which a police force feels driven to act achieve their aim.

When I talk about police corruption, what I also mean is the lack of police accountability, that’s the real issue, there will always be corruption and people doing bad things and we can’t stop that , the fact that the police are not properly held to account where you and I would be as members of the public, is a great concern.

You will hear of serious criminal allegations made against officers of the Professional Standards Department including perverting the course of justice and the highest discipline sanction administered was also the lowest form of discipline sanction being “management advice”.

The police have great powers and when they abuse those powers to their own ends and are unaccountable, this does nothing to increase or maintain the trust and confidence of the public.

I may be seen to be a little controversial when I say that the Independent police Complaints Commission “IPCC” is also part of the problem but this will become much more clear as the story progresses and you will see how this works in practice.

The treatment of whistle blowers in many professions is awful however; the police service has many additional tools at its disposal to victimise such officers during which it is able to abuse its powers as it is largely unaccountable.

In this blog you will see a section entitled “Will they do the right thing” aimed at Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and Police and Crime Commissioner Michael Lane.

Chief Constables tend to cover for their predecessors, the easiest method being simply to do nothing or try and pass the buck by passing any correspondence to their legal department.

It is not as simple for a police officer who has had allegations of misconduct reported to them, they don’t have a legal department and have to take some form of action, there should be no difference with a Chief Constable who has sworn the same oath.

This story will deal with my background, cover my transfer from the Metropolitan Police to Hampshire Constabulary which in the early stages could be likened to the movie “Hot Fuzz” but not so funny.

You will then be taken through a roller coaster ride of tribunals, court hearings and continual victimisation and harassment.

You will see how internally networked corruption works in the force and how the tentacles of corruption and back scratching can extend beyond a police force.

I formed some friends in the Black Police Association who approached me for help, I will describe how the Hampshire BPA was subsequently destroyed and it folded as a result of the victimisation of several members of its executive committee.

One Black police sergeant also raised his concerns directly with PSD and then resigned having been intimidated by a senior officer from PSD following his disclosures concerning racism and how black officers were being treated.

Similarly; the force had a Harassment Contact Officer’s scheme which had been running successfully for 10 years which was also shelved.

I formed the opinion that Hampshire Constabulary although professing to be a modern progressive force was actually still in the 1970s in its ways, the public and victims also came second.

We will touch on Paedophilia and how vulnerable young persons are dealt with in the force including being taken advantage of by police officers.

You will see how the level of victimisation can escalate to also include those who were supporting me including family members.

I was unable to get any support from Hampshire Police Federation and had to seek support from Federation representatives from other forces.

Two Police Federation representatives were also victimised for supporting me, one attempted suicide and self harmed, the other contemplated suicide.

During the course of my issues I also became aware of a dog handler in the Met who was a also a friend hanging himself as a result of his contact with the Professionals Standards department know as DPS in the Met Police.

It became apparent to me that there was a connection between the unnacountable behaviour of these departments and police suicide. I have not explored the connection with any deaths of members of the public however; I firmly believe that it is time that these units are disbanded.

Having seen what happened to my colleagues I formed a support group to try and help others in a similar situation.

At the height of my illness you will see a deterioration in my health to a stage where I just sat in an armchair facing the wall and was unable to speak, to this day I still have trouble finding words as a result of the trauma I suffered.

A family catering business was destroyed by the actions of the force resulting in the loss of 20 jobs, my wife and I for want of a better phrase were also “fitted up” by the Professional Standards Department of Hampshire Constabulary as a final nail in the coffin to ensure I did not return to the force.

I will be presenting the facts and you can make your mind up and ask any questions via this blog.

In the annals of history I appear to be the only police officer ever to have been dismissed from a police force without being given their right to a formal disciplinary hearing despite the allegation being that I disobeyed an express order from Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan.

I will talk about the Police Federation, Solicitors, barristers and organisations such as the HMIC and the CPS.

We will talk about employment tribunals including my own which; lacked transparency and as an example the employment Judge went on a course with  Chief Constable Kernaghan before the case had even concluded.

Disclosure in judicial proceedings will be another topic where the default position in Hampshire Constabulary appears to be destruction or concealment of relevant documents.

Returning to the page on this blog entitled “Will they do the right thing”, in relation to Michael Lane the PCC, he seems to have taken a page from the book of his predecessor.

Having made a formal allegation concerning the lack of action by the Chief Constable, the PCC’s office responded by letter I quote “ I am proposing that it is not dealt with under this Act and that it is the subject of a dissapplication on the grounds that it is in the category of those complaints that are vexatious, oppressive or otherwise an abuse of the procedures for dealing with complaints”.

You may think that this is an unusual response from the PCC who has not even sought to contact me to clarify anything; perhaps even to ask for some evidence so that he can make an informed decision. I will publish any progression on this matter.

So, I think that it is unlikely that either of them will do the right thing and Mr Lane does not seem keen on holding the Chief constable to account which is one of his functions.

We will then go on to life after “the job” and my own efforts to recover using outside support organisations as I found that within the police service such support was not available to police whistle blowers.

First chapter to be published in due course.