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Since starting this blog, members of the public have come forward and I think that is important that their own stories are highlighted in the public interest especially, when they appear to relate to similar matters and the same police officers or public officials involved in similar conduct.

Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen


This week I would suggest looking at Mr Caine’s story, his personal efforts resulted in a paedophile being investigated and prosecuted following a long battle with Hampshire Constabulary concerning their failures in this matter.

New Milton Watch – Facebook article courtesy of John Caine

Hampshire Constabulary. Good Cop Down.

The reality of being a police whistleblower.

How Hampshire Constabulary maliciously targets and harrasses whistle blowers who point out child sexual abuse.

This is a story that will definitely interest people who are concerned about the ever quickening and unchecked slide of Hampshire Police into abject corruption when it comes to targeting people who expose uncomfortable truths about its failings and insidious cover ups.

I for one can believe it entirely as it mirrors my experience of Hampshire Constabulary in reference to its refusal to investigate the Arnewood School teacher in New Milton a now convicted child sex offender, not once, but twice, despite damning evidence. In fact had it been left up to Hampshire Constabulary this individual would have been left at large unchecked. And of course we are all familiar with the ongoing Stanbridge Earls School cover up.

I too now know first hand how an unethical Professional Standards Department routinely perverts the course of justice to protect unearned reputations and police officers who should really be taken off the streets and locked up for serious misconduct, along with the PSD staff who protect them.

And all to protect the reputations of public officials and those people in local government who are part of the established clique, and the police officers who cover up for them. Even to the extent of subjecting your children to serious risk of sexual abuse.

In fact in the case of the Arnewood School teacher he could have been prevented from committing all the 17 offences he was later convicted of if Hampshire Police had not looked the other way not on one occasion, but TWO.

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