Communication with Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney and Michael Lane PCC

This correspondence will be listed with the most recent first and for those interested you will need to scroll down to follow the schedule of events.

21-3-17 Letter from OPCC

Shortly after e mails between myself, the Staff Officer and the OPCC where I highlighted that I had not been informed what was happening to the matters that I raised with Olivia Pinkney and had not heard anything from the PCC; I received the following letter via e-mail from the PCC’s office. Coincidence?

21-3-17 letter from PCC page 1.jpg

21-3-17 letter from PCC page 2.jpg


21-3-17 Open letter to Chief Constable

21-3-17 open letter to Pinkney

15-3-17 Letter to Insp Reading an e mail attachment

15-3-17 letter to Insp reading - 2

15-3-17 e mail Caine

14-3-17 Letter to Insp Reading

14-3-17 Insp Reading

UP TO DATE9-3-17 Letter to PCC concerning Chief Constable Pinkney

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