Will they do the right thing?

Pinkney and Lane
Olivia Pinkney and Michael lane
If the past conduct of Chief Constables and the previous PCC is any indication of the future, probably unlikely however; the proof of the pudding, walking the walk as opposed to simply talking the talk etc could prove me wrong.
I have exhausted every other avenue to resolve issues with the force in a way that changes could be implemented to protect any future police whistleblowers who ultimately are protecting the public and for the force to apologise to specific victims.
 I have attempted to mediate with the force utilising John Apter; the current chair of Hampshire police federation both with the previous Chief Constable Andy Marsh who is now in charge of Avon and Somerset police and also the relatively new Chief Constable.
Unfortunately, Mr Apter has been ineffective and his involvement appears to have been simply passing on correspondence. It may be that having seen what has happened to two previous police federation representatives assisting in this case he, has made a conscious decision not to put his head above the parapet.
The two police federation representatives who did have the courage to do the right thing were targeted at senior levels, one attempted suicide and self harmed and the other contemplated suicide.
I understand that John Apter is also seeking appointment as the chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales; perhaps this is another reason for the lack of proactive support.
The last document submitted as a grievance which included the conduct of the force legal services department was forwarded on my behalf by John Apter to  Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney as the document contained serious disclosures.
The document contained details of previous matters which were covered up by Hampshire Constabulary and fresh allegations as a result of the discovery of documents which appear to have been concealed from previous judicial proceedings.
Silence has been golden in this case and I don’t think I can be criticised for raising matters in the public interest in the present climate of failures with regards to child protection; this also includes Hampshire Constabulary who have been recently publicly criticised in another case as were the Professional Standards Department who also feature heavily in my case.
It may be that Olivia Pinkney and Michael Lane (Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire) may not know the full extent of what happened to my wife and I as whistleblowers and perhaps formed an opinion based on biased, inaccurate or false information which; has been a familiar tactic utilised by those who have been identified as having been involved in corruption.
While police corruption is generally something that happens away from the public’s gaze, there are many police officers such as myself who have attempted to do the right thing on behalf of victims and members of the public by raising concerns within their own police force.
Those that have been brave enough to do so  have subsequently been destroyed one way or another.   I think it is important that the buck has to stop somewhere, Olivia Pinkney and Mr Lane are now in the driving seat and times have changed.  historic-moment The senior officers in the above photograph have all had some involvement in this case.   To a different degree; actions or failures to act by one or another of the above named officers has perpetuated  a cover up and victimisation of a colleague and myself who were both sergeants in Hampshire Constabulary at the time.
The disclosures made included a cover up of an allegation of corruption against former DI David Stewart concerning a Paedophilia investigation on the Isle of Wight.   I alleged that as a result of an instruction by Mr Stewart, a prominent individual on the Isle of Wight was not arrested in a Paedophilia investigation and a computer was returned to the suspect before it had been forensically examined.
I had charged a second suspect who shared the computer with the prominent individual with 4 counts of child abduction and unlawful sexual intercourse with and unlawful sexual intercourse which resulted in a pregnancy and a child being born.
Mr Stewart is now a Councillor on the Isle of Wight and the chair of the Hampshire Police and Crime Panel.
The senior officers depicted in the above photograph from left to right are Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen, Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable Andy Marsh (now of Avon and Somerset Constabulary), former Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan (now the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman),former Deputy Chief Constable Ian Readhead (now Chief executive of the Association of Chief Police Officers), former Assistant Chief Constable Simon Cole (now Chief Constable of Leicestershire police), former Chief Constable Alex Marshall (now Chief Executive of the College of Policing).
I will start this story at the beginning and go through to present day in different chapters, to put things into perspective I will also publish present day communication with the force as an indication that little or nothing has changed with regards to the culture within the police service; particularly their inability to say “sorry” to members of the public and victims of crime
I have had no meaningful update from Chief Constable Pinkney since submitting a document in October 2016 or any communication from the PCC.
This factual account will highlight the reality of being a police whistleblower in Hampshire Constabulary where the tactics utilised to silence officers appear to be a standard response adopted by any of the 43 police forces in the UK.
I look forward to contributing in some way that may ultimately save someone’s life in the future, be it an officer or a victim of crime or at the very least providing useful information which may help any other police officers or members of police staff who have found themselves in a similar position for having broken the “Blue code of silence”.
Please follow this blog and my twitter account @GoodCopDown to be notified of the first chapter.   If you have knowledge or information in relation to any of the incidents being published, please feel free to contribute.


  1. I think what needs to be made very clear is that the iPCC always refers complaints to the local police’s Professional Standards Department. In a complaint I made against Sussex Police, an iPCC investigator actually told me that the complaint was a matter for the iPCC to investigate and should have been referred back to them but Sussex Police failed to do so; in a recent complaint I made against the Head of Sussex Police’s Professional Standards Department, Supt Lisa Bell, the person who immediately dealt with and dismissed that complaint was one of her junior staff; I appealed, and the Appeal – into whether the complaint will be investigated, will be decided upon by… yup! you’ve guessed it, Supt Lisa Bell. As for ‘good coppers’ in the course of the last 7 months when I’ve had the misfortune to come up against the police force due to my mother having been killed on a road in Sussex and the police not carrying out a proper investigation (listen to http://chirb.it/N2wtCs for more) I became, as a bereaved next of kin, subject to covert dossiers, secret meetings and a fraudulent mental health report submitted by Sussex Police to the Metropolitan Police, requesting that I be placed on the Met’s Merlin database (the one kept exclusively for adults at risk of which I am not one); the level of maliciousness has been intense – and I even discovered a member of the College of Policing was in on it. During this time I met two decent coppers, one from the Metropolitan Police – who has totally supported me throughout but would never dare speak up against his colleagues – another a member of ACPO who tried, early on, to resolve matters but Sussex Police were more interesting in assailing me. The Met Officer told me that internal politics has become so bad he is taking early retirement for his own conscience, so he doesn’t have to go along with their corruption. How can the police get away with it? Because the iPCC is an ineffectual body that has to rely on individual police forces to play fair – whilst PCCs are just doll-like figure heads with brains to match. As for Policing Guidelines – all those procedures written by ACPO which offer ‘good practice’ – local forces are permitted – by law – to simply ignore them, as they did in my mother’s case. Justice? I no longer believe there is such a thing.

  2. Complaining against a senior officer in PSD is like signing your own death warrant, as I found out. I made a minor complaint about PSD Deputy Commander in HantsPol. She then decided to investigate me and told me she would continue until she found a way to get rid of me. I have heard of other similar cases. It seems that PSD have a blank card to do what the heck they like.

  3. Hi. I have been off sick with depression and PTSD after being bullied by my Sergeant for over 15 months.
    I have served Almost 18 years and normally very resilient.
    It has recked my career, marriage and a massive decline in my mental health.
    I am not a sick note, however the job is gunning for me and I don’t know why, other than identifying a bully.

  4. For nearly two years the Hants PSD and IPCC have been playing a merry game of badminton with my complaint, will they ever deal with it? Well, as far as they are concerned, why should they?

  5. Bad policing, lost evidence and lack of interest, stonewalling, ignoring is pretty much what we have got from Hants Constsbulary since the day our son disappeared off the face off the earth. We tried IPCC asking for an independent reviewand it was referred back to Hampshire to investigate themselves. Guess what, we are still fighting for justice for our son who was only 16. The police got his age wrong and told us he was 19 and old enough to leave. They told us we were wasting police time. They lost evidence. They said we were hysterical mothers. They did nothing but pussy foot around for 14 years. Then in a show of bravado arrested 8 people they knew they had nothing on and said it was to flush out the culprits. They don’t care. I just wrote before Christmas to Andy marsh asking for an independent review which is what I asked for the first time and did I never got any reply! http://Www.damiennettles.com

    1. It’s not unheard of for Hampshire police to lose evidence if it’s not in their interest to keep it. I was at a case where a senior detective was telling the court about an important piece of evidence that’s so important he keeps it locked in a safe. When the Court asked for it, he said it had gone missing!

  6. Arresting people is good for stats, whether the arrests are necessary or even lawful. That’s what I noticed when I was in Hampshire Constabulary.

  7. It’s amazing to read so many articles here re bullying and intimidation. As a serving police officer in Hertfordshire, I was bullied for nearly 2 years by an inspector who took a dislike to me after he moved to the department. Despite having made a complaint, he was totally vindicated without a witness ever being interviewed by the delegated Ch Insp who was tasked with the investigation. It was so bad, I often thought of suicide as a means of escape and I am presently off work with depression and suffering PTSD. Having read all of these articles, it leaves me with little to no doubt that there is both pandemic bullying and corruption within the organisation as a whole. Sadly, the continence of these practices only serve to fuel the belief that the police are simply a law unto themselves and answerable to no-one.

  8. The Fed don’t exist in my current ET case as it seems to be a thorn in their side.
    I was told that it was a conflict of interest on their part despite my being the paid up member.
    They didn’t make it clear if the conflict of interests in question stemmed from them forwarding on my emails to the Fed straight to Supervision without my knowledge or consent.
    Or if was because most of my evidence stems from Subject Access provisions after the Fed tried to talk me into believing that, as a serving Officer, the Job was under no obligation to respond to any Subject Access Requests (utter rubbish by the way).
    Or if it because my own Fed Rep repeatedly called me the “Force nutter”, “mad” etc etc on an almost daily basis after the Job detained me under the MHA but then denied actually doing it and still denies having done it.
    Hmmm…..maybe there’s the slight chance that the Fed are as dodgy as the Job.

  9. I find the information form Carlo and Pete very intriguing as a member of public
    I applied for my Subject Information in 2010 and uncovered the lies by my accuser that were overlooked in September 2007 by the arresting PC
    In April 2007 I upheld my Right to file a compliant involving the well known community Pc after he failed me from 1992 when my neighbour assaulted me, despite having 2 witness the Pc refused to do anything and for the next 16 years everytime my wife or I called for police support the response was predictable “the Inspector said” even with BT confirming in writing involving nuisance/abusive phonecalls NOTHING was ever done, following my complaint the Pc “retired” in January 2008
    with a home visit from the head of PSD in 2012, the DCI disclosed there were serval complaints involving the community Pc on his Discipline file and the matter of my neighbour assaulting me and another matter were out of time to record as a crime??? the evidence was recorded on Police Working Sheets though
    and on working sheets Data Dept; provided me with the personal details of my accuser after being “accused” of TTK, LIE,
    I have now concluded that making a complaint against the community Pc in April 2007 sealed me fate, made a “black mark” for me and my wife future, hasten to add my arrest in September for TTK
    In 2014 with a written response from Chief Insp confirming my complaints were Not Upheld and the Pc remained in continued employment, but I understand the Pc had been on sick leave for 2 years
    The benefit of this web site is very supportive/ impartial and transparent not like PSD

  10. RJD
    I have noted your comments here on this web page and that of Jack’s which in my case is true and correct that any complaint made against any serving officer regardless of position or Rank renders you liable becoming a victim of PSD the very Department that is at the heart of the organisation which is there to handle complaints but the punishment is in return either seeking retribution, harassment via Pc’s or in my case prosecution whist remaining in the back ground “pulling the strings” acting innocent
    RJD if you too want to hear of my experience the office of this web page has my contact details to make contact

  11. There was a BBC Radio 4 documentary (I thinkbit was FileOnFour) a couple of months ago about GMP PSD targetting a Chf Insp when he complained about the conduct of PSD. I think we all can guess what happened to the Chf Insp, as most of us have experienced it. There is a podcast on the BBC website. Def worth a listen.

  12. Ive been bullied since 2012
    I settled at legal mediation in 2014 as I wanted to keep my career however the treatment got worse
    Ive just gone through a full ET which was horrific
    The respondants barrister was. Allowed to attack my mental health and disability to her advantage and the judge was against me and Pri establishment from the very beginning
    Even during the ET the respondants told different and false accounts
    Their barrister was constantly interrupting and taking them to documents to which they changed their evidence and these documents they wasn’t even privi to
    On one occassion their barrister pulled and aggressive face towards a witness who then immediatley changed his evidence

    The judgment is in the majority wrong in facts and a completely different version to what actually happened in live evidence
    Some examples are : ️️no medical evidence – which is untrue ️as there is cmo, specialists reports, private specialist and gp reports all confirming that my work had exabirrated my mental health and that it was clear they ignored medical advise by their own Cmo
    Also another point the judge recorded that 4 periods of sickness that led to Upp were not diasability related which is untrue and even the respondants admitted in live evidence and is clear on factual evidence that 3 of the periods were disability related
    The judgement even commented on how it was my fault and I was childish – this is wrong as to say having panic attacks by those that bullied and victimised me which effected my mental health is wrong
    There is so much wrong with the judgment
    In the actual ET the judge was so clearly biased towards both me and my barrister
    The judge also gave the respondant ️extra time to cross examin myself however cut down my barristers time cross examining them by 2 1:2 days and this time was simply cut off and not used and the ET finished this amount of days earlier (also the ET was unavailable for one day so infact we lost 3 1:2 days)
    My barrister was unable to continue cross examining 3 vital witnesses because of this and was unable to do so on crucial complaints
    Also he prevented her from finishin her submissions and she requested 5 minutes to finish and he refused
    However he then turned to the respondant and asked if she had anything further

    Currently looking at appealing just can’t believe the injustice
    Even the CMO and my gp who ive seen post judgment are in their words flabbergasted !

    The judgment was wrote and sent out on 27th may
    I got a letter via email dated 27th may saying I had ️️now failed stage 2 UPP (even though still awaiting a RA since may 2015 and the fact stage 2 upp actually ended nov 2015)
    Then a week later they turned up at my home to hand deliver this same document that was emailed
    All medical evidnece says that this boroughs contact has made me more ill etc incl the jan 16 cmo saying all contact with them is causing a constant increase in anxiety (part of my mental health disability )

    Im ️️now faced with what to do

    The judgment is so wrong in all terms and is not even a true account of what happened

    One medical report from a private specialist even details how their treatment towards me caused me to develope further medical symptoms that ive been left with

  13. This does happen, In my own case I was on no pay for a very long time and half pay, altogether for around two and a half years.

    During this process when I had been able to return to work this was delayed to cause additional stress and anxiety with various excuses of not being able to find a position for me and having to go through a vetting process again.

    My advice which is likely to be the same as the IPSG is that in the first instance if you have a federation representative ask them to act quickly and knock on a few doors as the longer this goes on the harder it will be for you to return and your health will deteriorate.

    Ask your Fed Rep or contact the police Federation HQ to obtain answers to your questions as they are best placed dealing with these matters on a regular basis.

    you could also ask your rep to submit an application for legal advice.

  14. John Apter,

    That’s why I went to hew Williams in Kent, then my new fed rep in Wiltshire.
    I recorded john Apter which is why I am in an ET.

    John be ashamed!!!! !! ! !!!!!!

    1. Yes, I have dealt with the same federation representative, I found him ineffective, unwilling to challenge management despite being informed that 2 police federation reps were made very ill having been victimised for simply doing their job.

      He is chair of Hampshire police federation and I understand seeking appointment as hair of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

      I agree, not only should he be ashamed, he should resign, his lack of proaactivity perpetuates serious misconduct towards police whistleblowers.

      Perhaps he is another that is not prepared to put his head above the parapet and/or is unwilling to help those who have broken the blue code of silence.

  15. With this Great News page of Hampshire Police Corruption over the previous Decades and many Residents of Hampshire who have experienced the same opinion and covering the same names of former CC with mine starting with Paul Kernaghan and extending to Andy Marsh until his sudden departure in 2016 and returning to Avon +Somerset to “be with his family” of which Andy Marsh FAILED to mention that his Wife Nikki Watson is the ASS/CC at A+S Police, I read today that Andy Marsh Dismissed a Copper after he abused his post in Office by forming a relationship with a vulnerable female who had contacted A+S police relating to a Domestic Abuse, when the copper attended Court this copper photographed his Penis sending the photo to the female, since 1992 the former village copper here in Fair Oak also abused his post when in office having affairs with all vulnerable divorced/separated/single females with his son being renowned as a Drug Dealer, the village copper failed my family and me until I filed a complaint to PSD Stephen Franks who has since lead a campaign of Hatred against me and others who DARE to file complaints, but SF will NOT Risk bring HP into Disrepute or even Risk Biting the Hands that Feeds Him, intriguing that Andy Marsh or the present CC Olivia Pinkney continue to cover up for previous rouges including the 3 cops who did a “Stop and Search” on a Drug Dealer and resorted to steal his Thousands of pounds that was in his car, all these cops can escape Justice and are Not pursued by Hampshire CPS as they cant Risk bringing HP into Disrepute, amazing Andy Marsh has now changed his policies when dealing with rouge coppers, AM learnt a few lessons when he was in office at HP and cant Risk the same at A+S police!!!

  16. I filed another complaint with Hants in December 2016. The police agreed, due to lack of confidence and collapse of trust this needed IPCC to address. What I asked for was an independent investigation, as I had in 2006. (See previous post) So I was hopeful this time. However, IPCC handed it back to Hants PSD. Hants have lost evidence, tampered with evidence and a suspect, o on bail, ended up in possession of witness statements. Check out the BBC Three documentary on YouTube, Damien Nettles, THE BOY Who Disappeared. I also have a blog, Valnettles blogspot. Some of the film is a bit speculative, however, alot is factual and raises alot of questions and eyebrows. Hants refused any comment…..also we have a petition Damienslaw on FB and Twitter asking for better risk assessment training for police among other things.

    1. Thanks for the information which I believe may also link in with regards to the force steadfastly refusing to refer matters elsewhere. I also asked for outside involvement in my matters which also took place on 2006.
      The force seems to have unlimited funds to suppress whistleblowers but not enough to look for Damien.

  17. My experience with Hampshire PSD is it is far more corrupt than the unethical and dishonest coppers it is supposed to hold to account. In the Arnewood School teacher child sex abuse case if it was left up to them a child sex offender would have been left on the streets unchecked. And all to protect the reputations of cronies.

    It was a systematic cover up at children’s expense going all the way up Hampshire Constabulary’s chain of command. I’ll name but a few of them. ACC Sarah Glen, CI Simon Tribe, Mr. Stephen Franks of the PSD (as always), DCI David Story, DCI Liam Davies and a few more besides whose names don’t come directly to mind. DCI Nigel Lecointe the new Head of the PSD (how many do they go through) is the latest to join the conspiracy. They all knew of officers looking the other way despite damning and overwhelming evidence when it came to this now convicted child sex offender, but took no action and ignored it.

    Anyone who tries to cover up child sexual abuse is complicit and supporting it. And in the case of the Arnewood teacher that’s just what this lot are, complicit. And that’s not legitimate policing it’s something else entirely. :

    Cover up before children’s safety and best interests by the lot of them. It gets no more despicable and filthy than that. If ever the law is enforced impartially and they are held accountable they should all be charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and deliberately endangering children.

    Unfortunately however they have it all sewn up. The IPCC just refers matters back to them to investigate themselves. Gee I wonder how that always works out …… Absolutely nuts. Probably deliberately so to protect the illusion of proper policing. Otherwise it would all just crumble. But we’re not all stupid. How long do they think they can keep this charade up for? It’s becoming more obvious to more and more people every day just how broken and corrupt Hampshire Police really are. And the reason for it? No accountability of course. And if that doesn’t change it will get worse and worse, and ….

    See: http://www.valuenetuk.com/dropbox/1_News_article.pdf

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